Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Mattie T. Blount High School Academy of Hospitality and Tourism provides students with a comprehensive educational experience that fosters knowledge in the Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Service Program. Hospitality and Tourism is designed to educate students in the art of cooking, preparation, and management.


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Course Sequence and Career Readiness Indicator

Pathway: Restaurant, Food and Beverage Service Program

Foundations: Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary I, and Event Planning

CRI: Guest Services, and ServSafe

    Career Tech Student Organization (CTSO): Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

    Course Descriptions

    Hospitality and Tourism:  is a one-credit course serves as the prerequisite for all pathways included in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster. Major topics include introduction to hospitality and tourism, recreation, travel and tourism, lodging, restaurant and food and beverage services, safety and sanitation, customer relations, and quality services. The required school-based laboratory for the Hospitality and Tourism cluster is a commercial food service kitchen with a food-serving and dining area. School-based laboratory experiences are essential for students to develop skills in the hospitality and tourism industry

    Culinary I: is one-credit courses. The prerequisite for this course is Hospitality and Tourism. Culinary Arts I introduces students to basic food production, management, and service activities in both the back- and front-of-the-house. Emphasis is placed on sanitation, safety, and basic food preparation.

    Event Planning: is a one-credit course taught in grades 11-12. Students will learn to organize and plan all aspects of business and social events including the food, location, and décor associated with hiring an event planner.